30 December 2005 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm WORLDWIDE DEBUT!!! (unfortunately, the newspapers are listing us as "Rubyblu" which was our 'open mic' name) thanks to everyone who came on out-the show rocked! Thanks to the Hounds for their "sound" hospitality and to Jordie for sitting in on some mean rythyms. Also, thanks to Susan Lauro for adding some sweet pipes to the sugarcookie recipe!
13 January 2006 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Special Friday the 13th show! Wow, thanks to everyone who came out for a rock'n night! Thanks again to Susan for adding a little sugar to our rock n roll recipe and to Dave Scott for taking some off-air time to enjoy the tasty tunes-next time you'll get to shake the egg!!! Birthday boy Eric and the "Dude" were splendid in their sugarcookie t-shirts. Where the hell was Sara? Good golly Roder, you still look 22!
February 2006: The band is cooking up some tasty covers and originals in Ralph's garage. We'll be debuting some in March
11 March 2006 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Saturday
Great show-great vibe! thanks for coming out. New songs went over great, getting ready for the big stage on Thursday!
16 March 2006 Thursday Crystal Ballroom www.danceonair.com Opening for Ed Schultz, America's #1 Progressive Talk Show Host www.wegoted.com 7pm sharp! Tickets $5 at the door, box office or Ticketmaster. www.ticketmaster.com The Insomniacs will close the show with some hot swinging Blues! Net proceeds of this event benefit the Portland Rescue Mission. WOW , STILL HIGH FROM THE ROCK SHOW. THANKS TO ALL 500 OF YOU THAT CAME OUT TO SUPPORT ED AND sugarcookie.
15 April 2006 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Saturday
Tax Mania Abounds! the DiFalco's are in the house, smug with their already filed extension status! Dee picks up her extension and Barry gets a refund! Shout out to the Loops and Burdean for doing the RnRoll thing-Mike and Keely too...
12 May 2006 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Friday Welcome Dianna, Mary and Allison to the sugarcookie family! Thanks to Big Jim for keeping the ladies in line! New tunes went over great, thanks for your support!
17 June 2006 Dublin Pub 10pm - 2am Saturday Barry will be on vacation these next couple of shows, so Slamming Sam Zern, the Plumber Drummer, is sitting in and kicking it out! Happy Birthday to Erin, thanks for coming up and shakin' your junk! The sugarcookiette's were in fine form. Thanks to Susan Lauro for belting out some tunes!
23 June 2006 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Friday Started slow, but then started rock'n. thanks to some of our new fans for coming out! Thanks to Kristen and her posse for the Led Zep requests...We'll see you in a couple o' weeks. Have a happy 4th o' July. Happy B-day to KBH!!!!
8 July 2006 Dublin Pub 10pm-1am Saturday WOTTA rock'n time. Thanks to Tom Stevens for bring'n his posse out. Steve, Barb, Woody and Shari were in the house-next time Hot Lava 808!!! Looking forward to seeing our new fans at future shows!
12 July 2006 The Thirsty Lion Pub 9:30pm-1:15am Wednesday GOOD GAWD, if this is a Wednesday night, I wonder what Fridays are like! thanks to Kristen and Bryan for sharing their bachelorette and bachelor parties with us. Abby and April Rocked the house til the end of the night. Sara was back in the house after missing a few shows, good to see her!!!
14 July 2006 White Eagle Saloon 9:30pm-1:30am Friday The Great Todd Purnick opens an intimate evening at the White Eagle. What a thrill to play those hallowed halls! Misty from Louisiana was just passing through, Carma and her pals kept the venue warm!
4 August 2006 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Friday Mick is back from 2 weeks on his boat and rock'n on the vocals! A special shout out to "Madame YES" for sharing her magic cartwheels and handstands (hope the reunion went well)... A lot of new faces came out to see us, thanks to all!
11 August 2006 The Thirsty Lion Pub 9:30pm-1:30am Friday Rock n Roll is happening downtown! Thanks to the Beadhead krewe for coming down - looking forward to your December gig!
12 August 2006 Private Party 3pm-9pm Saturday Paula's Practically Perfect Picnic was great fun. Thanks to Paula for having us out. Thanks to Susan for adding her vocals and Byron for sitting in on Bass, Guitar AND doing the sound!
8 Sept 2006 The Thirsty Lion Pub 9:30pm-1:30am Friday Hot times downtown for Music Fest NW!!!
9 Sept 2006 Dublin Pub 10pm'ish-1:30am Saturday (after the UofO game) Ducks Win and so does sugarcookie. Happy Birthday to Nicole and her posse. Thanks to all those dancers shakin'n it down!
7 Oct 2006 The Thirsty Lion Pub 9:30pm-1:30am Saturday, it's birthday night at the Lion! Sweet Carly and Sarah and a host of others. Hope we cheered Erin up with a happy song! Even the devil showed up with his red accordian...divorce can be a blessing... Alpha Phi's...all for free!
13 Oct 2006 The Thirsty Lion Pub 9:30pm-1:30am FRIDAY JUST ADDED Yow, sometime with no warning magic happens, wotta crowd. Happy birthday to Amanda, thanks to Trish for making things happen on stage! Great requests, new songs went over great!
14 Oct 2006 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Saturday The sugarcookiettes are back with a vengence with Diana & Allison leading the charge to the dance floor!! Happy birthday to Amanda. Shout out to Albany for making the drive.
4 Nov 2006 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Saturday Birthday Boy John DiFalco is in the house with the Beadhead krewe, he comes on stage and shreds a few tunes for the crowd! Ken Andersson flys in from Sweden to sit in on the keys, sparks are flying now! The Dublin Pub has never felt so much heat!
2 Dec 2006 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Saturday night is hot again! Bruce McG in the house with those beautiful shoes...JT steps in to lend some pipes. Susan Lauro burns it up with a short set. Not bad for not practicing for a month!
15 Dec 2006 The Thirsty Lion Pub 9:30pm-1:30am Friday sugarcookie band member birthday celebration!! It's Sag mania! T Holland gets his flaming cake at midnight, and eats it too!
23 Dec 2006 The Thirsty Lion Pub 9:30pm-1:30am Saturday Pre-Christmas Show!!! downtown is rock'n with the Christmas Eve Eve crowds.
28 Dec 2006 The Thirsty Lion Pub 9:30pm-1:30am Thursday sugarcookie;s virginal unplugged set is a hit! Julie and Amanda just say "surprise us" and we do... thanks to our new Pendleton fans...hope you enjoyed the drive home. Sam the Plumber Drummer sits in and kick's out the jam!
6 Jan 2007 Dublin Pub 10pm-1pm Saturday 2007 kicks off with a Bang late night at the Dub. BB back at the kit and swingin' hard. Cloe (no H) and John come in late to spice up the dance floor and buy a round for the band.
12 Jan 2007 The Thirsty Lion Pub 9:30pm-1:30am Friday MAN it's cold outside! but the rock n roll is hot inside. Lorie and Meg stop in for a look... Late night heavy metal requests were satisfied, even if we didn't know the song!
9 Feb 2007 The Thirsty Lion Pub 9:00pm-12:30am Friday A slow start but a STRONG finish. Sweet Sarah's birthday kicked things off and Courtney's Freak danc'n finshed the night. The new curtains rock
17 Feb 2007 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Saturday OMG, where do we begin...oh the humanity! wotta night, starting out with Julie's fabulous birthday celebration (sandy, u rock) and ending with a sweat soaked dance floor! The original sugarcookiette's were back in fine form receiving massages at the bar, BRUUUUCE, the magnificent, had the right words to whisper.. SCREW Safeway!!!...KBH, MC shook it down, and yes Lorie, you ARE the tallest, but the other category??? well, we have a winner. Seamus was in the house he was feeling tall and 26!
24 Feb 2007 The Thirsty Lion Pub 9:00pm-12:00am Saturday a BIG thanks to Tommy Thayer www.tommythayer.com for sitting in and shredding the Lion.!! I made it very clear that no matter how much fun he had, do not quit your day job...even for sugarcookie! Good to see Amber and Bird shaking in down to the after show tunes! Big Jim gets Mike Henry out of Salinas, JT heats up the stage for Laura....shout out to Birthday Girl Alicia and sweet sweet Julie for setting the place on fire, if only for the last two songs, it's only the beginning...
3 Mar 2007 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Saturday -David Wall rocks the house on his magic tele - no stink'n up the gym here! Chris and Lori and the mighty Matt Roberts celebrate their birthdays in grand style: Chris loses her clothes and Matt's buddy sings Door's-right into the mic The dance floor fills early and Kate has to stop the madness so the next band can come on...thanks for all the support you rock'n fans you. Uncle Jim, Auntie Joy and Auntie Paula show up for some beer, chow, bets and r;n roll. Good Gawd - Char's in the house!
24 Mar 2007 The Thirsty Lion Pub 9:00pm-12:00am Saturday Gotta love those last minute shows! sugarcookie rocks the house w/out any special guests. Fans come out of the rain for some great rock n roll. Amber and Jill join us on stage for a hot version of ACDC...first set! All for now, off to KONA!!!
4 May 2007 The Thirsty Lion Pub 9:00pm-12:00am Friday Quatro D'Mayo! the Orange Astronauts are in the house-thanks for comning down. Alex lends his ear and talks up the music.
19 May 2007 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Saturday Hmmmmmmm, slackkey and some Hula? in like a lamb and out like a lion, thanks for a great night for many new fans...at what time does Susan's sister's name change? Hopefully we'll find out again... Susan Rocks the house with some fine intense vocals!!!
2 June 2007 The Thirsty Lion Pub 9:00pm-12:00am Saturday Starlight Parade Fever! Dowtown is teaming, Sara heats up the place by binging Sherice and Elysia (sp?) and LA Barry down to burn up the dance floor. JT sits in on some vocals while Big Jim shakes a bit of one leg with Lan. Robin and his OSU pals shake up the bar scene!
16 Mar 2007 The Thirsty Lion Pub 9:00pm-12:00am Friday Just Added PRE ST PADDY'S SHOW! Things are heating up downtown! Kelly and her "bad ass grrrls" from Wisconsin rock the house with pre-wedding debachery (nice swizel sticks)-all the men have fun with their Sharpies on her shirt! David Wall shreds while Tamara and sweet Kristen heat up the dance floor.
20 April2007 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Friday The sugarcookiette's are back in high style heating up the dance floor. Meg shows up for the big send off-back to Tucson for some warmer weather???
8 June 2007 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Friday
28 June 2007 The Thirsty Lion Pub 9:00pm-12:00am Special Thursday Show yow, thursday is jus' fine thank you very much.
9 June 2007 Private Show 6pm-10pm Saturday
7 July 2007 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Saturday Back at the Dub for our 7-7-07 7pm show celebrating 77 sets of music! Mark brings his magic laser and we have our pink floyd moment...
14 July 2007 Dublin Pub 10pm-1:30am Saturday - Nick and his Posse descend upon the Dub and raise the cute meter up a notch. Late night rock
20 July 2007 The Thirsty Lion Pub 9:00pm-12:00am Friday - summer rain outside summer heat inside - one word "Amanda" i.e. single handed dance floor shake'n, uh huh, uh huh. Sunset High Class o' 77 out to rock with B Bender on drums and B-day Boy Byron Rocks the house with some bad ass leads- ahhh, celebrate in style!
17 August2007 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Friday Brother Steve Birthday Show! Early Beers are sometimes the best.... DW sits in and rocks the house presenting POP banks to all birthday guests! Carly analyzes the crowed before splitting for Milan. JT delivers the 2020
22 September 2007 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Saturday, ahh yes, we remember this, no rehearsal no problem. scookie burns down the house with a firey blend of I think we remember that song rock n roll! Marcel brings the lake grove homeys down to groove and reduce the tequila inventory. The sugarcookiettes are back in fine form.
28 September 2007 The Wagon The Dalles, OR 9:30pm-1:30am Friday. sugarcookie hits the road for their NO/OR 2007 tour starting and ending in the Dalles. All we can say is THE WAGON ROCKS. We had it all, brief nudity, freak and native american dancing, a karaoke back up singer, but wotta great vibe with lot's of satiated RnRoll fans-thank you The Dalles! hope to see you soon.
26 October 2007 The Thirsty Lion Pub 9:00pm-12:00am Friday (Back downtown baby) Lauren and Kate stuff the band with requests. Paul C sits in on vocals, next time bring the harp baby!
2 November 2007 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Friday 2 words describe the evening: Dan Danowski! One sugarcookiette is better then none...Cueman D calls for classic guitar rock and Tom delivers.
16 November 2007 The Thirsty Lion Pub 9:00pm-12:00am Friday A busy night for sugarcookie, request after request...and if we didn't know it we made it up!
17 November 2007 Rock around The Clock PDX Grand Opening!!! come on down! www.rockaroundtheclockpdx.com/ 6ish pm-?ish pm Saturday A rock'n time was had by all! sugarcookie jammed with the dynamic Dennis Mitchell, the firey Frank, slamming Sammy, the gorgeous Georgeson's, wonderfull Wall, even rock'n Rob Sample sat in on vox!
2 December 2007 Doug Fir Lounge Private Event
8:00pm-12:00am Sunday7 December 2007 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Friday (BB Birthday extravaganza) The Benders Fill the House!
8 December Saturday - Berbati's Pan A Rock'n benefit for our Friend Kenny Nordone featuring the great BLACK 'N BLUE sugarcookie will open that show at 9pm sharp Tickets available through www.ticketweb.com and at the door. Come on down and support this great cause.
15 December 2007 The Thirsty Lion Pub 9:00pm-12:00am Saturday RESCHEDULED
12 January 2008 The Thirsty Lion Pub 9:30pm-12:30am Saturday It's Sunny's Birthday, everyone celebrates, the dance floor fills early and never quits.19 January 2008 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Saturday Rhonda, Ronda and Rawnda come celebrate the birthdays.
25 January 2008 The Thirsty Lion Pub 9:30pm-12:30am Friday
9 February 2008 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Saturday
2March The Thirsty Lion Pub 9:30pm-12:30am Friday (swapping dates for the great Keegan Smith! http://www.keegansmith.com/ Spring break quake'n down at the Lion! The crowd is hot. We wish every night was a Sunny day!22 March 2008 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Saturday Opening for Matt Vrba, going away gig! http://www.mattvrba.com/ Aunt Lily hits the dance floor with her niece, and never leaves. Love the knit boots.
18 April 2008 The Thirsty Lion Pub 9:30pm-12:30am Friday Tax Filing Celebration! Big Jim and Lan back in the house! Sarah shakes the sugarcookie shaker and donkey kicks off the stage. Chelsea sit's in for some sweet emotion...
19 April 2008 BridgePort Brewing Private Event
5:00pm-9:00pm Saturday Congrats to Joe and Keri! Grandma Barbie rocks the Mustang!
26 April 2008 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Saturday Yow, the crowd and band are on fire! Beadhead in the house as well as Jenny and her sisters, Sweet Sandy and her magic white pants!
17 May 2008 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Saturday, guitars on fire!28 June 2008 Dublin Pub 9pm-1am Saturday Barry is on the road so the great Dave Scott sat in and rocked the house! Kim walks into a surprise birthday party and the cocktails flow.
12 July 2008 Dublin Pub 7pm-10pm Saturday, hot summer night, Joy, Jim & Paula cheer us on with and Julie. Many requests shouted from the crowd. sugarcookie reaches deep into the songbag and delivers the goods..
16 August 2008 Hawthorne Street Festival 8pm-11pm Saturday, Main Stage A big thanks to Jan for having come out and Rock the Tent for the RT crowd. Never mind the heat, let's get on that dance floor anyway and see if we can melt the asphalt!
31 August 2008 Dixie Tavern (downtown NW 3rd & Couch)
8:00pm-10:00pm Sunday Labor Day Weekend sugarcookie headlines the Dixie's 3rd year anniversary celebration!! http://www.dixiepdx.com/dixie Now that was a rock show! complete with Tom levitating and Barry playing the sliding kit while Mick keeps the bass line rolling! Steve in the house policing the crowd while sugarcookie cranks up the rock n roll for the Dixies "sunday school". love the deelybobs...
5 the City's Friday night music scene! The crowd keeps building all night, JT sit's in on a few birthday tunes, Willy anSeptember 2008 The City (downtown 4th & Washington) 9:00pm-1:00am Friday - sugarcookie
helps kick off the Td Jonny in the house!!! Inessa and Wayne promise to bring the gear next time... Wag's promises a ride in the boat! Sandy and the crew take great care of sugarcookie, we'll be back...

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